How to translate

  1. For most translation; (a) load the page in the secondary language – Japanese (b) add ?language_edit=1 to the URL (c) click on pencil marks. If the translator software asks for a login, it is : User: readingtree Pass: XSJcRHrb
  2. If you want to stop the translations from happening on certain parts of the page, wrap the <span> code below around the content you wish left alone:  – if the page is template based, add this <span> code to the template
  3. For Gravity Forms, question titles translate and can be edited but the contents of any dropdown is left in English. To get over this, wrap the entire form in the <span> code then put the Q’s in Japanese and the descriptions as the question in English. In extreme cases, you duplicate the fields and make the fields conditional.
  4. For Menus, use if conditionals and edit the Navigation Label as Japanese.
  5. For Tabby Tabs you need to wrap ALL titles in conditionals – see below
  6. For content, either correct the default machine translation using the ?language_edit=1 method or use these conditionals:
[et_pb_dmb_code_snippet title=”Span Code to disable auto-translate in Japanese mode” admin_label=”Span Code to disable auto-translate in Japanese mode” tabwidth=”8″ _builder_version=”3.0.106″ header_font_size=”8px”]


Wrap the span tags around any content you do not want auto-translated (especially shortcodes)
[et_pb_dmb_code_snippet title=”Conditional Code for English Speakers : Natives and Admin” admin_label=”Conditional Code for English Speakers : Natives & Admin” tabwidth=”8″ _builder_version=”3.0.106″ header_font_size=”8px”]


Use this code to insert English content for English speakers
[et_pb_dmb_code_snippet title=”Conditional Code for Japanese Speakers : JManagers, RT Members” admin_label=”Conditional Code for English Speakers : Natives & Admin” tabwidth=”8″ _builder_version=”3.0.106″ header_font_size=”8px”]


Use this code to insert Japanese content for English Japanese
[et_pb_dmb_code_snippet title=”Making Tabs Bilingual” admin_label=”Conditional Code for English Speakers : Natives & Admin” tabwidth=”8″ _builder_version=”3.0.106″ header_font_size=”8px”]


Use this code to make tabs bilingual (relies on conditionals)
[et_pb_dmb_code_snippet title=”Normal Tabs” admin_label=”Normal Tabs” tabwidth=”8″ _builder_version=”3.0.106″ header_font_size=”8px”]


Use this code to make normal tabs that auto-translate well
The roles are;
Role Machine Readable Who is this?
Native Member native_member Native Teachers
JStaff Member jstaff_member Madoguchi J Managers
Kids Member kids_member Kids Members, PPA~P3
Teens Member teens_member YLE SMF, WK123, EY for Teens
Adults Member adults_member All adults students
X-Staff x_staff Ex-Staff
X-Member x_member Ex-students


Please ALWAYS translate; As;
kashidashi 貸し出し
RT book RTブック
Reading tree sheet リーディングシート
drop-off box 返却ボックス