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  1. How to do Stock Take (在庫管理のやり方). Last edited 02/10/2020. [view]
  2. Oxford Reading Tree and Graded Readers Wordcount Data (オックスフォードRTブックとグレイディッドリーダー本の文字数). Last edited 24/01/2020. [view]
  3. Instructions: Workflow for Creating RT Sheets (RTシート作成手順). Last edited 10/01/2020. [view]
  4. Instructions: Workflow for Creating Oxford Reading Tree Books and Quizzes (ORTクイズ作成手順). Last edited 09/11/2019. [view]
  5. Instructions: Zeroing Out the Book Loans on a User Profile (ユーザーの貸し出し本の管理). Last edited 10/11/2019. [view]
  6. Instructions: How to Check myCRED is Configured to Give Points (). Last edited 31/10/2019. [view]
  7. Instructions: Stickers Management and Labeling Books (ステッカーとラベルの管理マニュアル). Last edited 28/05/2021. [view]
  8. Instruction: How to do RT Setumeikai (RT説明会のやり方). Last edited 09/11/2019. [view]
  9. Instructions: Introduction to the Reading Tree for Staff (RTの概要). Last edited 09/11/2019. [view]
  10. Workflows : Upload RT Sheet JPG and PDF ( RTシートの画像アップロード手順). Last edited 09/11/2019. [view]
  11. Guides: Oxford Reading Tree Pen Guide (ORTペンの案内). Last edited 07/02/2020. [view]
  12. Guides: myCRED and LearnDash Shortcodes (myCREDとLearnDashショートコードガイド). Last edited 10/01/2020. [view]
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How to do Setsumeikai Presentations

Reading Tree Setsumeikai Presentation


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Reading Tree Features Presentation

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Reading Tree Demonstration Presentation

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