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  1. How to do Stock Take (在庫管理のやり方). Last edited 02/10/2020. [view]
  2. Oxford Reading Tree and Graded Readers Wordcount Data (オックスフォードRTブックとグレイディッドリーダー本の文字数). Last edited 24/01/2020. [view]
  3. Instructions: Workflow for Creating RT Sheets (RTシート作成手順). Last edited 10/01/2020. [view]
  4. Instructions: Workflow for Creating Oxford Reading Tree Books and Quizzes (ORTクイズ作成手順). Last edited 09/11/2019. [view]
  5. Instructions: Zeroing Out the Book Loans on a User Profile (ユーザーの貸し出し本の管理). Last edited 10/11/2019. [view]
  6. Instructions: How to Check myCRED is Configured to Give Points (). Last edited 31/10/2019. [view]
  7. Instructions: Stickers Management and Labeling Books (ステッカーとラベルの管理マニュアル). Last edited 28/05/2021. [view]
  8. Instruction: How to do RT Setumeikai (RT説明会のやり方). Last edited 09/11/2019. [view]
  9. Instructions: Introduction to the Reading Tree for Staff (RTの概要). Last edited 09/11/2019. [view]
  10. Workflows : Upload RT Sheet JPG and PDF ( RTシートの画像アップロード手順). Last edited 09/11/2019. [view]
  11. Guides: Oxford Reading Tree Pen Guide (ORTペンの案内). Last edited 07/02/2020. [view]
  12. Guides: myCRED and LearnDash Shortcodes (myCREDとLearnDashショートコードガイド). Last edited 10/01/2020. [view]
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Instructions for Staff

Principles of the Entire Reading Tree

  1. No-one succeeds on the tree alone. All reading is a team effort, between the reader and their mentor. In the case of adult students (“RT members”), this is typically the student and their madoguchi and/or teacher. In the case of kids, this is typically the student and their parent or guardian. Mentors are called “Shidousha”. Shidousha have their own points system called “Shidousha Sen” so support levels can be monitored.
  2. 1 student = 1 login. Parents and guardians do not have their own login.
  3. RT Members have a Reading Tree Pseudonym made up of their own name and a keyword chosen by their madoguchi. This is also called, and is programmatically, their Display Name and Nickname. This is because we want to maintain some anonymity when publishing results such as league tables.


  1. It is generally advisable to do Reading Tree man-to-man orientations at the start of the second or third month since nyukai.
  2. Orientations should involve a quiz, a presentation, a video and a demonstration.
  3. Re-orientation should occur for individuals and groups every year as the RT gets updated, more features are added and bad habits need to be addressed.


  • You can DONATE items to the kashidashi corner
  • Anything donated must not be obscure and must be in excellent condition
  • Any item that is not borrowed for 24 months is destroyed

User Roles

Role Machine Readable Who is this?
Native Member native_member Native Teachers
JStaff Member jstaff_member Madoguchi J Managers
Kids Member kids_member Kids Members, PPA~P3
Adults Member adults_member All adults students
X-Staff x_staff Ex-Staff
X-Member x_member Ex-students

User Creation

Please use the form to create new users; click here:

User Systems & Looking Up Real Name, Monicker and Password

Points Systems

There are 2 currency systems with different purposes and rewards.

Reading Tree Points Mentoring Points
Known to students as

RT Points


Symbol + (suffix = points) suffix = 錢
Reward System Rewarded for approximately reading 1 word. Spelling words as part of the RT Sheets system gives more than 1 point per word.
  • 1 sen = logging in
  • 3 sen = liking a comment
  • 5 sen = borrowing a book
  • 10 sen = returning a book
  • 15 sen = commenting or giving star rating
  • 20 sen = giving a fellow member kudos
  • 25 sen = reporting a mistake or giving feedback
  • 50 sen = finishing an online tutorial, seminar or setsumeikai
  • 100 sen = donating a book to the Kashidashi
Hook(s) LearnDash Quiz (quiz questions)
  • Logging In (myCRED)
  • Liking Comments
  • Borrowing Books
  • Returning Books
  • Commenting (wpDiscuz) on books or kashidashi items
  • Giving Kudos to RT Members
  • Filling in a feedback form
  • Tutorials, seminars or setsumeikais = ?????? manual!
  • Donating a Book Record Gravity Form
Limits There are no limits to how much you read.
  • Logging in = 1 per day
  • Liking Comments = 1 per day
  • Borrowing a book = 1 per week
  • Returning a book = 1 per week
  • Commenting / Star Rating = 1 per day
  • Giving Kudos = 1 per day
  • Feedback form = 1 per day
  • Tutorial, seminar or setsumeikai = per event
  • Donating a Book = once a week

Commenting Systems

You can comment on:

  • Any RT Book – any Graded Reader or ORT reader that is in the physical library
  • Any Kashidashi Item you have borrowed

Checking Customer Feedback

朝来たら、routineとしてホームのハンバーガーにあるCustomer Feedbackを必ずチェックして、対応していく。