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  1. How to do Stock Take (在庫管理のやり方). Last edited 02/10/2020. [view]
  2. Oxford Reading Tree and Graded Readers Wordcount Data (オックスフォードRTブックとグレイディッドリーダー本の文字数). Last edited 24/01/2020. [view]
  3. Instructions: Workflow for Creating RT Sheets (RTシート作成手順). Last edited 10/01/2020. [view]
  4. Instructions: Workflow for Creating Oxford Reading Tree Books and Quizzes (ORTクイズ作成手順). Last edited 09/11/2019. [view]
  5. Instructions: Zeroing Out the Book Loans on a User Profile (ユーザーの貸し出し本の管理). Last edited 10/11/2019. [view]
  6. Instructions: How to Check myCRED is Configured to Give Points (). Last edited 31/10/2019. [view]
  7. Instructions: Stickers Management and Labeling Books (ステッカーとラベルの管理マニュアル). Last edited 28/05/2021. [view]
  8. Instruction: How to do RT Setumeikai (RT説明会のやり方). Last edited 09/11/2019. [view]
  9. Instructions: Introduction to the Reading Tree for Staff (RTの概要). Last edited 09/11/2019. [view]
  10. Workflows : Upload RT Sheet JPG and PDF ( RTシートの画像アップロード手順). Last edited 09/11/2019. [view]
  11. Guides: Oxford Reading Tree Pen Guide (ORTペンの案内). Last edited 07/02/2020. [view]
  12. Guides: myCRED and LearnDash Shortcodes (myCREDとLearnDashショートコードガイド). Last edited 10/01/2020. [view]
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Managing Books in the Library : Zeroing Out the book loans on a User Profile

Sometimes students are not sure if their returns worked or not. When they return books, it should zero their user profile so they can loan again but if this fails, here is how to return any students to zero loans; 1 – Go to the students User profile (Backend Users > All Users) 2 – Find the part of the User Profile that stores the record of loaned books (the books appear as rt book ids not as isbn) 3 – Replace the book ids with the values on the left 4 – Make sure all 4 field have the “no-” values added and it looks like this; 5 – click “Update Profile”

The student should now have zero loans and can loan more books. Only managers, natives and admins can to this.