All New Easy True Stories

Sandra Heyer ・ Pearson Longman

Years 8~12
United States
Pages : 91 pages

Matthew Koala
Kashidashi Textbook
Letters, Words, and Numbers First Concepts Lower-case Letters Handwriting Practice Colours and Shapes Write Upper Case Letters

All New Easy True Stories, by Sandra Heyer, continues the True Stories tradition with a companion book to Easy True Stories. Written at the same level, the text features twenty all-new stories and exercises. These two parallel readers give students the option of lingering a while at this level. They can go back and forth between Easy True Stories and All New Easy True Stories, or they can complete first one book and then the other. Or teachers can use Easy True Stories one semester and All New Easy True Stories the next. That way, students who stay in a low-beginning class when their classmates move on to the next level can essentially repeat the class but with all new material. Combined, the two books offer 40 stories, giving teachers multiple opportunities to incorporate reading into their thematically-based instructional units.