The Extraordinary Exploding Frog

Jonathan Stevenson and Mark Beech ・ YoshBosh Books

Years 12+
United Kingdom
Pages : 64 pages
July 18, 2019
Matthew Koala
Kashidashi Picture Book
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"Milo's life was so boring, hopped something green and terrible! CROAK, SLURP, BURP - could things get any more scary? Or dangerous, disgusting and extraordinary!?" The Extraordinary Exploding Frog tells the story of Milo Meeker, an adventurous, inquisitive, animal-loving 8 year old boy and his extraordinary encounter with an enormous and VERY hungry frog. This fast-paced and funny, fully illustrated rhyming story for 5 to 9 year old children has all the things that kids love to read about: heroes, villains, slime, gloop, goo, a very big explosion and a happy ending!Author, Jonathan Stevenson lives in Harpenden, Hertfordshire with his wife and three young children. This is Jonathan's first children's book. Illustrator, Mark Beech is a renowned children's illustrator, having illustrated "The Witch's Vacuum Cleaner" and "Dragons at Crumbling Castle" both by Terry Pratchett, The "Doctor Proctor's Fart Powder" series by Jo Nesbo; various Enid Blyton titles, and many others.