The Very Noisy Night

Diana Hendry ・ Little Tiger Press

Years 5~8
United Kingdom
Pages : 32 pages
August 8, 2018
Matthew Koala
Kashidashi Picture Book
Hen's Feathers That's not my plane... That's not my car That's not my tractor That's not my train. That's not my truck...

Cuddle up tonight with your little one and share the story of Little Mouse and his Very Noisy Night. Little Mouse can't sleep. There is something huffing and puffing outside, tap-tapping on the window, and drip-dripping nearby. Big Mouse explains each spooky nocturnal noise, but Little Mouse would feel a lot safer if he could come into Big Mouse's bed. But Big Mouse does not want to share his bed and is determined that Little Mouse should sleep alone? This comforting bedtime story is set in a colorful, cluttered mouse house illustrated by New York Times bestselling artist Jane Champman. Children will delight in spotting: Postage-stamp paintings Spool-of-thread tables Matchbox drawers with button handles A playing-card headboard And so much more! It's a delightful story that begs to be read aloud, as your little ones, like Little Mouse, are eased into peaceful sleep.