Wait for Me, Little Tiger!

Julie Sykes and Tim Warnes ・ Little Tiger Press

Years 5~8
United Kingdom
Pages : 32 pages
August 8, 2018
Matthew Koala
Kashidashi Picture Book
Princess Smartypants まり コロちゃんはどこ? First 100 Animals めがねうさぎのクリスマスったらクリスマス All Aboard The Animal Train

Little Tiger has to take his little sister with him when he goes to play with his friends. "Wait for me, Little Tiger," she cries, but Little Tiger soon finds that his sister is much too young to join in their rough jungle games. She can't play skittles, she can't climb trees, and she can't swim. So when Little Tiger wants to play in the river with Little Elephant, he leaves his sister behind...Another Little Tiger adventure from the award-winning author/illustrator team.