Fiction in Action: Whodunit

Adam Gray and Marcos Benevides ・ Abax

Years 12+
Pages : 164 pages

Matthew Koala
Kashidashi Textbook
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The second joint winner of the Award was the entry from new publishers Abax Ltd, Fiction in Action: Whodunit. All the judges felt this was a 'novel and imaginative approach to learning, a breath of fresh air in terms of approach'. The teaching and learning is built around a detective story, a globally popular genre. A major benefit of this approach is that is engaging and 'encourages learners to read and introduces them to the pleasures of reading'. The learning techniques are both ingenious and consistent with the genre of crime mysteries: the detective's notebook acts as the student's workbook. The judges also noted the imaginative decision of the publishers to offer the title as a free-to-share eBook edition. Overall, the judges considered this entry to be the 'most imaginative and a refreshingly contemporary approach to delivering a sound learning experience through text'. --English Speaking Union: Judges for the Duke of Edinburgh Award