The English You Need for the Office

Susan Dean and Lawrence J. Zwier ・ Compass Publishing

Years 12+
Hong Kong
Pages : 120 pages

Matthew Koala
Kashidashi Textbook
Lower-case Letters Handwriting Practice Colours and Shapes Write Upper Case Letters first phonics Survival English

The English You Need for the Office is the first book of a two-part series covering the essential vocabulary of the office for the general staff. The seond book (The English You Need for Business) covers the vocabulary essential for executives and outside the office. The English You Need for the Office introduces vocabulary for talking about daily processes in an office via a lively and flexible presentation. Suitable for in class and for self-study, the text's picture process format helps students learn the English needed for the office efficiently and effectively. Available separately, the Multi-skills Activity Book plus audio CD is an ideal complement to the main text and exercises listening, reading, comprehension and picture association skills on a chapter by chapter basis. The most important vocabulary is exercised in detail.