Book Borrower; Hayato Cub
Borrow Date; 01/08/2018
Book Loan Event Summary (BORROW or RETURN); Hayato Cub borrowed 2 RT books, 2 Kashidashi items and 5 RT Sheets from computer
Book Loan IP Address of Submission (BORROW or RETURN);
Book Loan Scheduled Date of Return (BORROW); 08/08/2018
Book Loan Number of RT Books Borrowed (BORROW); 2
Book Loan Number of Kashidashi Borrowed (BORROW); 2
Book Loan RT Sheets Borrowed YES NO (BORROW); YES
Book Loan First RT Book Borrowed (title) (BORROW); 9780198481263
Book Loan Second RT Book Borrowed (title) (BORROW); 9780198484073
Book Loan First Kashidashi Borrowed (title) (BORROW); 9780008201494
Book Loan Second Kashidashi Borrowed (title) (BORROW); 9781509831975