Stinky Santa

Otto Fishblanket ・ Gerald Hawksley

Years 5~8
United Kingdom
Pages : 40 pages
June 12, 2023

Kashidashi Picture Book
Hen's Feathers That's not my plane... That's not my car That's not my tractor That's not my train. That's not my truck...

Jingle bells, Santa smells -he smells of mouldy cheese.He doesn't wear any trousersso you can see his knees.A new work by renowned poet and part-time aeronautical escapologist, Otto Fishblanket, Stinky Santa is a book about a smelly Santa. It is illustrated by celebrity childen's book illustrator, Gerald Hawksley.If you are searching for a Christmas ebook, particularly a Christmas ebook that rhymes and has pictures, and is about a smelly Santa, then you have come to the right place.