Dippy's Sleepover

Jane Clarke ・ Barron's Educational Series

Years 2~5
United Kingdom
Pages : 32 pages
August 8, 2018
Matthew Koala
Kashidashi Picture Book
Hen's Feathers That's not my plane... That's not my car That's not my tractor That's not my train. That's not my truck...

Dippy the young diplodocus has been invited to sleep over at his friend Spike's house. He can hardly wait because he and Spike the triceratops always have lots of fun when they get together. But there's one small problem. When Dippy goes to sleep each night, he wets his bed. How can he be dry on the night he spends at Spike's house? Dippy's problem is one that is shared by many younger children. As they read his story, they'll find both the reassurance and the encouragement they need as part of growing up. Friendly full-color illustrations on every page.